What are Opportunity Zones and how do they work?

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act included a new federal incentive—Opportunity Zones—meant to spur investment in undercapitalized communities. Any corporation or individual with capital gains can qualify.

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Making the most of US opportunity zones

As of March 2019, more than 230 so-called “opportunity funds” are collectively seeking to raise upward of $25 billion across a range of investments.

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Opportunity Zones and Clean Energy

“federal rules have made it clear that green economy projects — such as local power generation, microgrids, EV charging stations and energy storage — are eligible for OZone investment.”

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Education Policy notice on Opportunity Zones

The U.S. Department of Education recently published a notice in the Federal Register announcing its intent to prioritize federal education funding across 80 discretionary grant programs for areas of the country that have been designated as Opportunity Zones.

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Five hidden gems in the federal opportunity zone program

It’s no secret that the opportunity zone (OZ) program has garnered tremendous attention. Did you know it may hold even greater rewards for serial entrepreneurs, owners of existing improved commercial real estate and others investing in new or existing OZ-located businesses?

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HUD and SEC Encouraging Opportunity Zone Investment

“Opportunity Zones have the ability to enhance thousands of communities and improve millions of lives across the country,” said HUD Secretary Carson. Link:http://bit.ly/2xNMhUr

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We Believe In Opportunity Zones.

If we want to create a truly prosperous economic future for all, investment needs to flow to every part of our country, from the lands of the Makah tribe in the Pacific Northwest to Newark, New Jersey.  Link:http://bit.ly/32zCMX6

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IRS Offers Reassurance for Early Opportunity Zone Investors

Investors with tax code Section 1231 gains—which stem from sales of real estate and other property—have 180 days to plug the money into an opportunity zone investment to qualify for the associated tax perks. link:http://bit.ly/2LUHdWw

Source: Bloomberg

How Philanthropy Can Catalyze Private Investment in Opportunity Zones

Against this backdrop, philanthropy should step up and help shape the Opportunity Zone landscape so that benefits of the legislation also accrue to longtime residents and businesses. Link: http://bit.ly/2G7htCp

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HUD Bets on Tech Innovation for Opportunity Zones

“HUD is pleased that leading innovators from across the country are directly taking on the challenge of developing products to help people invest in Opportunity Zones,” said Ben Carson, Secretary HUD Link:http://bit.ly/32iM7Cf

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