Opportunity Zones and Clean Energy

“federal rules have made it clear that green economy projects — such as local power generation, microgrids, EV charging stations and energy storage — are eligible for OZone investment.”

Source: Green Biz

Five hidden gems in the federal opportunity zone program

It’s no secret that the opportunity zone (OZ) program has garnered tremendous attention. Did you know it may hold even greater rewards for serial entrepreneurs, owners of existing improved commercial real estate and others investing in new or existing OZ-located businesses?

Source: Accounting Today

Hawaii’s Opportunity Zones Could Spur Depressed Areas

Downtown Honolulu has six Zones with perhaps the greatest potential to attract investors, because their proximity to Oahu’s business and transportation center.  Link: http://bit.ly/2L5OEty

Source: HPR

Turning blight into big bucks

“Every project is different. In some, the focus is affordable housing. In some, it’s workforce development or workforce housing,” Turner said. ” Link: http://bit.ly/2RqEFjE

source: Clayton News

Potential For Opportunity

Her investment infusion could potentially be a source of funding to establish businesses, transform aging infrastructure and bring meaningful employment to OZs. Link:http://bit.ly/2XtDd5q

Source: Virginian Pilot